New Website!
Oct 30, 2013
This site was created to develop an online history of the photogram and to include both historical and contemprary photogram images. This site will continuously be updated. I invite others to contribute text and images to help fill in gaps and to improve the content of the site.  If you are aware of photographers or other artists who have created photograms but who are not listed here, please let me know biographical information e.g. names, years of birth and death, and if possible if the photographers are referenced either in books or other printed sources. If you can forward reproductions of works and/or biographies of these photographers I will add them to my site. If you find any errors in any of the information, also please let me know. I appreciate all contributions toward making this an interesting and reliable resource. Information can be contributed in the form of email (text and images) for potential inclusion on this site. Images submitted should be .tiffs or .jpegs that are ~500 x 500 in size. Historical images from galleries that can be included would be greatly appreciated. Each gallery will be listed as contributing the image to the site. Thank you in advance.