Chapter 12 - References

No work of this type can be the work of only one person.  The historical record is steeped with information that a current work must reference and discuss.  During visits to museums and galleries, the author has met and discussed various aspects of the photogram, photography, its purposes, messages, ideas, and techniques.  I would like to thank the following people who have in their own way contributed to this work.  Patricia Laligant of Patricia Laligant Gallery, New York City, New York for making me aware of the photograms of Marcel Bovis, Michael Shapiro of Michael Shapiro Photographs of San Francisco for helpful discussions and for allowing me to borrow research material on the photogram. Thanks also to Susan Herzig at Paul M. Hetzmann, Inc, San Francisco for information on Ei Kyu.

I have also accessed many websites during preparation of this work.  I have referenced these web sites where they are the only source that I have for the information.  Where possible, I have tried to reference, printed material that is accessible in libraries or individual books.  There have been several instances where upon return to web sites accessed earlier in the project the site had either removed important material or had disappeared completely.  I don’t feel comfortable referencing material that the reader may not be able to find, due to the transient nature of web sites, so wherever possible I have relied on the tried and true hard copy for as many references as possible.



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 Photogenic drawing
 Cameraless photographs